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In addition to live performances, Kara teaches private fiddle lessons and is a model, actress, stylist and writer with published works. She is the primary model for several clothing and jewelery businesses. Kara is a Cum Laude graduate of The Ohio State University, where she holds a major in Ancient History and a minor in English. Her love of mythology, history and folklore greatly inspires her passion for traditional world music.
“Flight To The Hinterlands”-Lone Raven “Get Your Kicks Compilation”-Craig & Kara Markley “Bridges of Time”-Lone Raven "Once Upon A Winter Moon"-Craig & Kara Markley “The Lone Raven”-Craig Markley "Class Records Compilation"-Lone Raven “Stark Raven”-Stark Raven “Committed”-Stark Raven “2019 CD Release”-Sirens "She Don't Worry"-Sirens “Sirens”-Sirens “Leukemia Benefit Sampler”-Sirens "Public Education Music Series"-Hal Leonard Publishing "Celtic Melodies"-Great Moods Series, CD and DVD “2000 Oasis World Music Sampler”-Craig Markley “A Winter Lullaby”-Craig & Kara Markley  (out of print) “Music of the 1997 Dublin Irish Festival”-Stark Raven  (out of print) "Get Me Through December"-Craig & Kara Markley   (out of print) "Crosscurrents"-Markley/Schenk Ensemble  (out of print) "Daylight/Moonlight"-Markley/Schenk Ensemble  (out of print) "Dakar"-Craig Markley & Chris Cherry  (out of print)
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Craig Markley is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and session musician. Coming from a varied background of rock, blues, funk and jazz, he has pursued an avid interest in Celtic and World music for the last twenty years, and has appeared on many recordings. Though his first love was the infamous Hammond B-3 organ, he now plays a wide variety of contemporary and ethnic instruments, and probably owns way more than he should! Craig's compositions have been used for several independent films and by various major modern dance troupes throughout the U.S.  Aside from performing as a duo with his daughter, Kara, he also currently writes and performs with the popular World/Celtic music band, Lone Raven, the Pauken/Harris based-band, Sirens, and as a member of the touring winter-themed holiday show, “Once Upon A WInter Moon.”  In addition, he and longtime friend, David Reddick, were the founding members of the acclaimed Celtic band, Stark Raven. Craig is also an accomplished recording engineer, and his LRM recording studio is in constant demand by many local artists for recording their demo and CD projects. 
Craig Markley Craig Markley Keyboards, Guitar, Accordions, Whistles, Woodwinds, Bodhran, Percussion, Vocals
Beginning her musical career at an early age, Kara is already an accomplished vocalist and fiddle player.  She has been singing for as long as she can remember and playing fiddle since the age of six. Throughout her life, she has studied with renowned players such as Eileen Ivers, Deborah Colon, Natalie MacMaster, John McCusker and Jerry Holland. She has traveled, lived and performed in England and Ireland as well as throughout the United States. She sings in several different languages, including Irish Gaelic and Latin. Kara made her recording debut at the age of 13 and has since appeared on over 25 different projects from various musicians.  Her vocals and fiddle can be heard on recent releases from the esteemed pianist and composer David Tolley, and she has shared stages in London, England with notable artists John Whelan and Karen Tweed. Irish dancing is one of Kara’s many hobbies, and she often performs jigs and reels during Lone Raven’s live shows. She has been studying at various dance schools and workshops for over 6 years and occasionally competes.
Kara Markley
 "...an impressive singer with a great pedigree and a  bright future ahead."                  
Kara Markley Sterling Kara Markley
Fiddle, Vocal, Hurdy Gurdy, Whistle, Keyboards, Dance
Craig & Kara